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Massage Therapist
in Devizes

Traditional Swedish and Deep Tissue Treatments For Women

Lucy Ma Massage Therapist


I am a holistic massage therapist based in Devizes, offering bespoke massage treatments for women. I specialise in Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques for postural aches and pains, muscular tension, stress relief, and relaxation. 

My Treatments

Shoulder Massage
Back Massage

Deep Tissue

A mix of deep and superficial techniques using slow and targeted massage to relieve deeper areas of tension and muscle tightness. I may include some mobilisation movements of joints, stretches, neuro-muscular techniques and frictions depending on your needs.

A very relaxing treatment, great for muscle imbalances, postural tightness or those who prefer a firmer massage.

Available in 45 or 60 minutes sessions. 


A light, medium or firm pressure massage using traditional long sweeping strokes as well as muscular kneading and tapotement to ease tension, increase circulation while relaxing the mind and body. A relaxing and nurturing treatment to promote well-being and ease stress. 

Available in 45, 60 and 90 minutes sessions.

Head, Neck and Face

An incredibly relaxing treatment using specialised facial massage strokes and pressures. Not only benefitting the skin with nourishing oils but also great for increasing circulation and lymphatic drainage and perfect for those who hold tension in their temples, forehead, jawline or neck.

This is a 45 minute treatment. 

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